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Virtual facilitation

Almost any intervention is possible in a virtual space. However, when it comes to facilitating meetings, workshops, and trainings, everything about our ways of working has to adapt.

At the same time, we have encountered various benefits of virtual meetings and engagements throughout the past years. It allows various actors to come together easily, logistical limitations are reduced (although we of course now need to consider accessibility and digital literacy of participants) and we have seen what is possible even if we are not all in the same room. Team workshops, strategy sessions and even deep dialogues are held online, successfully.

Virtual facilitation implies a re-thinking of how tried and tested facilitation skill sets work in the digital setting. Certainly, some skills that apply in a face-to-face setting also apply, unchanged, in the digital space. Then there are some new skills that need to be acquired.

In 2021 we decided to offer a series of trainings and engagements especially designed for virtual settings: ForReal online meetings- Connecting people

The Starter kit - is aimed at everyone who wants to learns more about hosting/ facilitating meaningful virtual meetings. This 3 hours session is an ideal way to ease into the topic. It will give you a thorough overview of the basics of virtual facilitation.

Journey - this is a sequence of 4 modules  and is aimed at people who have a real interest in facilitation and hosting and want to enhance their skills sets.

Exchange amongst facilitators - we so value the exchange among experienced facilitators. A space where we can all continuously grow and learn. We are hosting sessions 6 times per year.

For more information please refer to the brochure here on your right or reach out to us.



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For Real Online Meetings - Connecting Pe
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