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Our Skhaftin journey started in October 2020 when we decided to convert a school bus into a mobile grocery store providing access to healthy food and promoting plastic free shopping for our community in the inner city of Jo burg. By the end of October 2021 we had to pause for a while realizing that our business model did not work out yet.

Many conversations later we are clear where our bus needs to go next - to Kanneymeyer Primary school in Grassypark and its wonderful principal Ridwan Samodien. They will integrate it in their curriculum, explore the potential of a zero waste business model and we are sure they will use our bus to make a difference in their community.

Now we need your help to drive our bus to Kannemeyer.

Skhaftin Bus - our mobile grocery store

As always we try to turn this journey into learning opportunities - for the entire Skhaftin team and for schools and community projects along the way.


We have split the route in 6 stages - at each stopover we would like to connect to a school or community project introducing the bus and the concept.

And we need accommodation for the Skhaftin team and a safe place to park our bus. Please reach out to us if you can host us - let's plan a small event around the Skhaftin bus coming to your town!

Stage 1 01.05.2022 Jo burg to Bloemfontein

Stage 2 02.05.2022 Bloemfontein to Graff Reinet

Stage 3 03.05.2022 Graaf Reinet to Masifunde in Gqeberha

Stage 4 04.05.2022 Gqeberha to George

Stage 5 05.05.2022 George to Swellendam

Stage 6 06.05.2022 Swellendam to Kannemeyer Primary School


How can you help?

Here is a BackABuddy page to help us cover the road trip expenses:

Or you can use this SnapScan link directly


You can also sponsor one of the stages as an organisation! Please reach out to us!


We want to use it to raise awareness on caring for our environment and going zero-plastic so please spread the word.

Follow our journey on Instagram and link us to media (newspaper, radio, TV etc.) .


Link us to schools or community projects along the way so that we can pass by with our bus!

Further links to Kannemeyer Primary School

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