We are a diverse team of experienced facilitators, trainers, coaches and consultants. Besides the ForReal core team we constantly expand out network with further facilitators and consultants.  We are all based in South Africa and are familiar of working in the regional context of (Southern) Africa. We regard our diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills as our biggest asset and are confident that our combined skills sets match all the requirements that you are looking for.


We often work in different tandem combinations, which is especially helpful for larger groups and multi-stakeholder processes.

Our promise: Being at the beginning of this wonderful journey, we promise to work towards transformation on all levels. We are exploring new approaches for our ForReal community; we are challenging the status quo by doing things differently. We think of it as an ongoing process and learning experience for us, our clients and our community. We are curious to learn from our mistakes and work with them. We are having difficult conversations amongst ourselves to ensure we are staying true to this vision. ForReal means Being Real and we are committed to being that. Authentic. Real. Open.

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