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Process Facilitation

Our understanding of meaningful facilitation starts way before entering the workshop or training room. A thorough preparation, briefing and design process is critical to the success of the intervention and hence, we place particular detail to this. This preparation and design process also determines all other aspects of the intervention, the people, duration and sequence, place, methods, etc.

In all our interventions we try to bring the bigger picture/the system into the room and conversations. In this regard we are always interested in the entire process – what does this conversation or engagement lead to and what is necessary for the individual and the group at this moment in this process?

We acknowledge the resources that are available within the group as we believe that the answers and solutions are already there. For this to emerge, we strive to create processes and spaces that allow for real co-creation, respecting the agency of individuals and groups. We call that “ownpowerment”.

We are there to support you and your teams. We create an environment that allows for meaningful, and if need be, difficult conversations that keep the overall objective and perspective in mind. We are interested in finding creative, lasting solutions and where necessary, we find them outside the box.

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