From the idea to the product

ForReal is a purposeful organisation. We are a social enterprise delivering quality services and we are a learning organisation for young people. We truly believe that every step in this process of realizing our idea is a fabulous learning opportunity for us and for young people and we want to actively work with that. Together with a group of young people from the community we explore, develop and find ways to turn our idea into reality - ForReal.

ForReal is a physical hub that offers a space for people from different walks of life to meet and have meaningful conversations. It is building bridges for people. It is offering young people a ForReal opportunity to enter the labour market. It is opening young people’s minds by bringing them in touch with different careers/ jobs and providing opportunities to connect, for real, with people who actually work in these jobs.

ForReal is a vibrant workshop place, which allows all organizations to hold meaningful meetings, workshops, retreats and conversations in a creative and appealing environment. ForReal offers a holistic solution - facilitation, venue and food.  All with a strong involvement of the community.

ForReal is about making urban living environmentally sustainable. Being conscious about our impact and aiming to reduce it. Being local as much as possible. Being healthy. Being organic.

© 2023 by ForReal. Images by Sonja Niederhumer and Virginia Romo