ForReal Services


ForReal = For real opportunities for young people

ForReal = For real, meaningful conversations and engagements


ForReal = the way we live and make a living (circular economy) 

                  and be as community


ForReal = how we treat each other


ForReal = building bridges and bringing people together


ForReal = urban living and integrating nature and wellbeing in   

                  our work and living spaces


ForReal = making a difference in real life with and for real


ForReal is the umbrella for a variety of professional services and the list can easily be extended as long as the services offered are aligned to the guiding principles:

  • delivering high quality

  • creating learning and employment opportunities for young people

  • contributing to the well-being economy of the community

For now, our ForReal pillars are our facilitation, training and coaching offers as well as the ForReal Food and Catering services.


© 2023 by ForReal. Images by Sonja Niederhumer and Virginia Romo