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ForReal Conversations brings together the consulting, facilitation, training and coaching services we offer. A diverse team of experienced facilitators, trainers and consultants come together under the ForReal umbrella. Together we work towards transformation on all levels, the individual, teams and groups, as well as on a larger scale for organisations, communities and society.

 Our  curiosity is an important driver helping us to create spaces and engagements tallowing us to connect and shift on deeper levels and to develop solutions that are effective and lasting because they address the underlying causes. To aid this we bring the bigger picture/ the system into the room and our conversations whenever possible. We are always interested in the entire process: where does this conversation or engagement lead to and what is necessary for the individual and the group at this moment in this process?

In  2020 all our work shifted to virtual facilitation, trainings and coaching. We have grown with the requests and gained experienced of the possibilities of virtual facilitation. Clients’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

A lot is possible and we are looking forward to develop even more formats with you - helping to build deep connections.

ForReal consulting and facilitation services are an integral part of the ForReal vision. Hence, 7% of every contract is used for our ongoing learning process and allows us to integrate young people into this journey.

Facilitation, training and conversations

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