In October 2020 we decided to convert a school bus into a mobile grocery store providing access to healthy food and promoting plastic free shopping for our community.

As with everything at ForReal it was clear that we would get involved in the conversion ourselves - we want to learn and know how to turn a vision into reality.

So with the help of local artisans, we started this journey - removing the seats, the carpet and (not really planned but necessary) even the floor.

With the support of our interior designer, Bonginkosi Ngwenya, we designed the new look of our Skhaftin bus and bit by bit it turned into a mobile grocery store.

Why a bus?

2020 so clearly showed that being adaptable and flexible is key - the bus allows us exactly this.

We can drive it around in our community, can take it to markets and hopefully one day drive it to schools to show children and young people how plastic free shopping works and how it can help to take care of our environment.


The day we bought our bus
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Removing carpets
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And the glue
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And even more glue
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Last clean up before a new coat of paint
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What difference
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Checking the work
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We love our new fabric
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Cleaning outside for some fresh paint
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