Opportunities for young people

ForReal offers different opportunities for young people to gain practical, ForReal work experiences.

The entire process from our idea (vision) to the actual physical space is turned into an ongoing practical career orientation. The ForReal core team is a mix of various professionals as well as a group of approximately 20 young people. Together we turn every step of this journey into a practical career orientation and learning opportunity; for example:

  • ForReal needs to develop our business and financial model - we invite an expert in this field to teach us. At the same time this allows us to engage with the expert regarding their profession and career advice.

  • We will need to reach out to investors or raise funds for our project - once more, we do this jointly and involve required experts to guide and teach us.

  • We will renovate the hub - a stunning opportunity to engage with architects, designer, artisans and craftsmen.....

Once ForReal is operational every position that is needed to offer our services will be filled by a professional as well as a young person. On the job learning, mentoring and coaching is part of our DNA. This on the job learning experience provides young people access into the labour market, allows them to grow in a safe environment and later helps them to find employment outside ForReal.


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