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Designing experiences

We are serious about the design aspect of every facilitation. This is so much more than just developing an agenda. We consider the design as integral part of every intervention.

Together with you, we like to co-create this process.

We consider, for example

  • How can the place/venue serve us in reaching the objectives?

  • Are virtual/blended learning approaches helpful?

  • Can we integrate the community? ForReal Food?

  • How can we integrate ForReal Food into the facilitation experience?

  • Who needs to be in the room for the best possible outcome?

  • What is the best possible flow?

  • Which methods and formats are most suitable?

We are also open to support you in the design stage and you facilitate yourself, for instance getting fresh ideas for your team meetings or engagement with stakeholders.

Even for virtual meetings and sessions we like to find ways of building deeper connections and create a shared experience. If you are interested in our ideas and formats please reach out.


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